Social Distance and Staying Connected

The Covid-19 pandemic has helped me realize how important being social is to me. Human beings are social creatures. Social isolation is against human nature.

We recognize ourselves and each other by looking at our faces. Consequently, I don’t like wearing a mask. I love seeing my own face. I like smiling at my reflection in a mirror. However, when I look at my masked self in the mirror before I get out of my car to go into a store, I see distress in my eyes. I can’t see my own smile, the smile of others or share my smile with others.

I know wearing masks does not make us invisible. I still see you and value your personhood. I still want to acknowledge your presence. Therefore, I am working to stay socially connected while we are physically distancing. It is my hope that you recognize and honor your need to do the same. Social connections improve our overall well-being.

Ending the Covid-19 pandemic requires us to practice physical distancing. However, we don’t have to stop being social. We can act like we have manners and still say hello, excuse me, please and thank you. Social distancing can lead to social isolation. Socially isolated people are often less happy and die younger than those who are socially active.

Being connected is more important now than ever before. We are literally fighting to survive and thrive. We need each other. We’re all in the same boat. If you wish to connect or stay connected reach out with all the tools available to you to do so.  Make telephone calls, send texts, write letters, send cards, and use Face Time or Zoom.

Honestly, I was struggling a lot with not being able to socialize without the mask. So I’d resigned myself to staying home. Then I had to recognize my need to be social. There are places I want to go and people I need to see. So I’m determined not to allow the mask to distract me from showing up as my authentic self. As I encourage myself, I encourage others to do the same. For more information about staying connected or receiving support contact Rev. Salia at 

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