(Available in Person and Virtual)


Prevention Education

Disease prevention education is essential to developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Individual and group educational sessions, programs and workshops are provided for all who are interested in improving and maintaining their health and wellness. Community Health Educators are available to provide diabetes, HIV/STI and substance abuse prevention education. You can learn to utilize a self-help methodology for wellness which includes: awareness; coalescing; taking control; transformation and maintenance.

The Staff has over twenty (20) years of experience in implementing U.S. Department of Health and Human Services approved prevention interventions and programs including T.E.A.M., Straight Talk, Healthy Relationships, SISTA and SiHLE. These interventions have been used to assist youth, teenagers  and adults in preventing disease as well as living with dis-ease.

Mental and Emotional Wellness Services

Coping with change and trusting life can be difficult. Mental Health Services such as individual and family counseling, evaluations and assessments are provided. Support Group and Self-Help Group services are available on a regular basis also. Groups are co-facilitated by professionals and peers.

Pastoral Care

Your spiritual health matters! Pastoral care including spiritual growth and development Spiritual coaching and grief work are provided by licensed professionals. Clergy are also available to officiate christenings, weddings and home going celebrations as well as spiritual retreat facilitation. Clergy has more than thirty (30) years of experience providing pastoral care and facilitating retreats for youth and adults.

Holistic Therapies

You are invited to take advantage of the opportunity to experience the sounds, scents, colors and the feelings of healing with holistic therapies.   Music, light, color, aroma therapy and Reiki are some of the therapies utilized in a holistic approach to the healing of the mind, body and spirit. Services are provided by certified holistic health practitioners.

Fitness Coaching

Overall health and well-being is a work in progress. Daily applications can assist you in reaching and maintaining your goals. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can improve your general appearance and prevent or reduce the impact of diseases related to inactivity, poor diet and a weakened immune system. The human body was created with the ability to heal. Fitness Coaching can activate built in healing functions to produce wellness.  Fitness activities have been developed for and implemented with seniors and people who are living with chronic diseases and conditions.

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