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Akoma Ntoaso Ministries was established in 2012 by Rev. Salia Malaika Kama (the gentle, kind and caring queen who is an angel of love). Rev. Salia, also known as Rev. Dana Mitchell, has been working for over 30 years to help people cope with illness; engage in health related behavior change and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Rev. Dana Mitchell (Salia) is an Associate Pastor in the Imani Temple African American Catholic Congregation (AACC) and serves at its National Cathedral in Suitland, MD where she was ordained as a priest in 2016. She is also the National Director of Health and Wellness for the Imani Nation and currently Co-Chairs the DC Department of Health Places of Worship Advisory Board (POWAB).

Rev. Dana is a native Washingtonian who attended the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio and obtained a BA in Communications Management in 1981. She was licensed in 1986 and later ordained as a Minister of Christ by True Deliverance Church of God in Capitol Heights, MD and served as the Pastor of Jesus Loves Me Church in Southeast Washington, DC.  Health and wellness in mind, body and spirit has been the focus of her ministry.

While pastoring in the Southeast, DC community, Rev. Dana had the pleasure of serving as a Chaplain for DC General Hospital and the ADASA SHACK Clinic, a methadone maintenance program. In 1995 she joined the staff of Union Temple Baptist Church (UTBC) as an Associate Minister; became a certified Reiki II Practitioner and the first Prime Minister of Health for the Holistic Health Practitioner’s Alliance of the Washington Metropolitan Area.  She established the UTBC Akoma Project in 1999 and served as its Director for eleven years.  The Akoma Project provided HIV prevention and treatment services including mental health counseling, substance abuse counseling, medical case management, day treatment and pastoral care.  Rev. Mitchell received the Swahili name, Salia Malaika Kama (the gentle kind and caring queen who is an angel of love) during a Kwanza Celebration at Union Temple in 2005 from Rev. Dr. Willie F. Wilson  and the late Rev. Nana Kwesi Essel.

In over thirty years of community service Rev. Dana Mitchell (Salia) has gained extensive experience through leadership roles in local churches, schools, businesses and community organizations. Her work in the development and implementation of alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and HIV prevention and treatment services has made her an asset to the community. Her ministry has been the subject of several radio and television talk shows as well as newspaper and magazine articles.

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