Hear The Voice Of The Holy Ancestors

Do you hear the voice of your ancestors? I do! Now, before you call 911 to have me committed hear me out! Let me explain what I mean.

Traditional African religions recognize the role and importance of the ancestors. The ancestors are our connections to past religious traditions and practices. They are the glue to the sacredness of our culture and way of life. Our connectedness (or lack of connectedness) to them has grave implications regarding our relation to the Divine. Our ancestors are divine. They come from God and live in the spirit like God. They are gods. I call them holy because they have my deepest respect and admiration. They speak and I know the sound of their voice as surely as I know the voice of God.

Do you remember when you were children? If it were not for those who loved us and cared enough to show us the way, where would we be today? I must confess that I think about my ancestors often. I examine my daily living and I realize that for me “It’s all about the ancestors”. The ancestors are those who have gone before me. In them I live move and have my being. I in them and them in me. We are one. They are one with God and are where God is. If you believe God is here, you can believe our ancestors are here. It’s the truth! The great thing about the truth is that whether you believe it or not it’s still the truth. When you know the truth, the truth will make you free. The ancestors taught us something about freedom. Their spirits still sing oh freedom, oh freedom, oh freedom over me…..I do what I do because they showed me the way to live a life that is and will be a testimony for my children, their children and their children’s children.

I encourage you to hear the voice of your holy ancestors. Contrary to what some may tell you, our holy ancestors are not limited to just our blood relatives. I hear the voice of those who inspired our living like Martin L. King, Jr., Malcom X, Marcus Garvey, Harriet Tubman, Mary Mc Cloud Bethune, Maya Angelou and Lena Horne just to name a few. Our ancestors give witness and we are their witnesses. If you listen, they will continue to give their testimony. Share their testimonies and your own with whoever will listen as the spirit leads.

The Holy Bible, and other sacred writings we revere contain the voice of the Holy Ancestors. Read them. Hear them and Study them. They contain basic instructions we need before leaving earth. (Before we who are spirit beings leave our mortal bodies, the dignified dirt). Many important truths have been handed down through the prophets (ancestors) who are inspired proclaimers of the will of God. Through these sacred historical books handed down to us by our ancestors we have come to understand that our bodies are shells that are dignified by the spirit of God that is within them.

Our progress is contingent upon our ability to Explore, Expand and Evolve. I implore you to explore the word of God. Study to show yourself approved…Also learn as much as you can about your ancestry. Search for your ancestors. See them and get to know them. I spent a few hours with my great and great great-grandparents on my maternal grand-mothers side of the family just the other day. Thank God for Ancestry.com. I was able to gain more information from copies of marriage certificates and the census. I am so grateful for all of my ancestors. I cherish them and I am comforted by the knowledge that I can visit with them any time I want. I can just call them up in the spirit and they will visit with me. Think it not strange. Our ancestors are with us 24/7 whether we acknowledge their presence or not.

Exploration leads us to our expansion. We grow in knowledge and wisdom. Let us continue to listen to the voices of our ancestors. Through God’s covenant with them we endure. We are charged with carrying the memory of our ancestors down through the years. May we always remember those that have gone before us. We didn’t get here by ourselves. May we be inspired by their vision and valor (bravery, courage and fearlessness).

The fruit of exploration is expansion. The memory and presence of the ancestors helps us to expand. Expansion is needed so that we can persevere, preserve and teach our cultural heritage to our family and our community. If today you hear the voice of the Holy ancestors, harden not your heart. Respond accordingly so that you can do the will of God concerning you. If you need assistance with something, you have but to ask. They are willing and able to help you. You have but to ask and you shall receive. Trust and believe they will move heaven and earth on your behalf. They are empathetic. They are still able to understand and share your feelings. They are equipped to be your guides and way showers to help you to reach your full potential.

Stay connected to your ancestors for emotional support. Remember they are an integral part of the force that gives you life. You can ask questions and receive answers. They never stop loving us and are more than happy to assist us on our journey. Call their names and never forget their virtues. If you desire guidance and support concerning hearing the voice of your ancestors, I can be reached at revsalia@yahoo.com.


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