Balance Is The Key

Do you work in the service industry? If you provide services for people, you do. While striving to provide the best services to others, you can neglect yourself and your family. The pressure to keep delivering quality services and obtain customer/client satisfaction can be weighty. If the scales tip too much in either direction, you, your family and/or the other people you serve could be in trouble.

We all have needs. When we are children we may depend on others to meet some of those needs including food, shelter, clothing and love. In adulthood we must take responsibility for meeting our own needs and the needs of our dependents. Focusing on our own emotional needs can help us achieve emotional balance and lay the foundation for our total well-being. To achieve emotional balance we must develop and maintain good mental health; a positive attitude; high self-esteem and a strong self-image. When we develop and maintain these tools we can be more resilient as we experience life.

I’ve been working in the service industry for more than forty years. I have had to be mindful of not spreading myself too thin. I take time daily to assess my emotional wellness. At least twice a day I do a self-check to see how I’m doing, thinking and feeling about my life as it unfolds. This usually happens in the morning before I do anything else and it’s the last thing I do at night before I go to sleep. I also do this when I face stressful challenges throughout the day.

We can help ourselves deal with stress in the following ways:

  • Eating a healthy diet free of additives that can adversely affect our mood;
  • Keeping a sense of humor and laughing often;
  • Incorporating exercise into our daily schedule;
  • Making positive affirmations like “ I am getting better every day”;
  • Journaling about the causes of stress as well as coping strategies; and
  • Talk Therapy with family, friends, coaches and professional counselors.

No matter what it takes pursue wellness in mind, body and spirit so you can enjoy a healthy, balanced life.  If you think I can assist you,  please don’t hesitate to contact me at!

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